In honor of the two conflicting holidays

this is all I needed out of life


"can men and women really be just friends??" straight people are so weird


dani levine



I’m so tired of people who are a minority hurting their oppressors back as retaliation. Your hurtful actions against your oppressor are not justified, even if you are being oppressed. You’re just becoming the same kind of person they are. So stop.

This the type of shit white people say that let you know they not really about this anti-oppression life.


M. Wriston
Quiet through tunnel. Stockton Street. San Francisco, CA.


Gellért Baths — Budapest, Hungary

Inside the thermal baths and a view of the ceilings.


Banquet table

I was feeling really down about my appearance and my weight because I really do not look like myself anymore at all 

And my mom said “Anyone who’s been as sick as you have been for as long as you have been and looks as good you do deserves a medal” and that made me feel a lot better

I have to remember that the only reason I look like this and feel like this is because I am really fucking sick and I’ve been really fucking sick for a long time

I do look really good for someone who feels as bad as I do